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Halo-Force 750 WG 25g

Halo-Force 750 WG 25g

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Active Constituent Halosulfuron-Methyl 750g/Kg

An easy-to-use granular herbicide for the selective control of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch with high turf safety across many varieties.

Nutgrass: Apply when new leaf growth is greater than 5cm (usually Spring / Summer). Mullumbimby Couch: Apply when new leaf growth is greater than 2cm (usually Spring / Summer).

  • Apply when weeds are actively growing.
  • Apply follow-up treatments as required if sufficient new growth warrants weed control.
  • Growth is greatest of both weeds following rainfall events.
  • Drought stress after treatment may reduce control.

Weed foliage and seed head gradually turns yellow until total desiccation (death) occurs. Initial symptoms appear in 7-10 days with full weed control effects appearing over 4 to 6 weeks.


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