2Spec and Fertech product guide

Product Application Calendar

Here you will find our basic 12 month product application guide.

- This is a maintenance routine, designed for healthy, warm season grasses in Perth. It will promote healthy growth, reduce watering requirements, contains proactive pest management strategies and will maintain excellent colour all year round. If you have a low input turf like Tiftuf, use reduced rates.

- Offers 3kg (1.75kg for Tiftuf or other hybrid couch varieties) of elemental N distributed over the year. Adjust rates accordingly to suit your requirements.

- Additional products like PGR or other Fertech products to help with spread, renovation, diseases or drought stresses can all be incorporated.

- Spartan/Barricade can be substituted with Onset 10 GR if granular is preferred.

- Follow watering/application guides specific to products applied.

- Low cut or dense turf varieties can use the regular plan but substitute mini prill granular fertilisers. 


You can download a PDF copy of our plan for Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo varieties here

For Hybrid Couch varieties like Tiftuf or Zoysia, click here

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