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2.5L Ultimate Soil Health

2.5L Ultimate Soil Health

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Bundle Contains 2.5L Kelpro, Fertech Bio, UMX and Noculate liquid.

There is nothing else like this pack on the market and is the ultimate combination of products for improving soil quality and health!

Simple to formulate and effective in boosting plant health, root density with growth stimulation from the powerful growth hormones found in Kelpro.

Fertech Bio, a specialised bio active product of blended seaweed concentrate with fish emulsion, Fulvic and Humic acid, Vermicast for microbial activity giving the mix a balanced organic source of nutrients and essential plant hormones.  Contains Triacontanol, a natural powerful plant growth promoter which can act as a photosynthesis enhancer that encourages plant vigour and resilience.

UMX is a concentrated Potassium Humate (Humic and Fulvic Acid) which boosts nutrient availability with chelation. Improves soil structure, CEC and is a valuable source of carbon for the plant and assisting soil biology with colonisation.

Noculate Liquid is proprietary blended biological product containing 24 strains of beneficial soil microorganisms, humic acid, kelp, essential amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and natural sugars.

Mix, 120ml of Kelpro, 200ml of Bio, 100ml of UMX liquid then 100ml of Noculate in your Hose-on-Applicator then fill the remainder with water, hose this out over 100m2.  You can also apply with a spray pack at a higher volume of water 8-10ltrs per 100m2.  All watered in immediately with 6-10 mm of irrigation, ideally applied to damp lawn.  Make this part of your regular monthly plan during growing season.

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