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Essential Liquids

Essential Liquids

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Fertech Kelpro (Size)
UMX Liquid (Humic & Fulvic) (Size)
Hydrolink Retain (Size)

Our three most popular, and recommended, essential liquids in a convenient bundle. Just pick the size appropriate for your lawn/usage, add your granular fertiliser of choice and away you go.

Bundle Contents:



Hydrolink Retain


Kelpro is a highly concentrated liquid KELP extract that contains 35% w/v Tasmanian Bull Kelp which provides a powerful combination of auxins, cytokinins, gibberellic acid and alginic acid plant growth hormones to stimulate root, shoot growth and improve root density. Naturally contains phosphorus and potassium to effectively supplement plant nutrition levels and now contains added fish derived Amino Acids for increased vigour, health and microbial activity.

UMX is a concentrated Potassium Humate (Humic and Fulvic Acid) which boosts nutrient availability with chelation. Improves soil structure, CEC and is a valuable source of carbon for the plant and assisting soil biology with colonisation.

Hydrolink Retain is the new player in soil wetter technology, specifically designed for water retention, the perfect solution to sandier broadacre situations in tough environments.

Hydrolink Retain works within the soil profile to retain moisture at the soil / root interface where the plant needs it most. Hydrolink Retain contains 100% of a unique alkoxylated polyether reverse block co-polymer, a new active ingredient for the Australian turf market providing optimum longevity and performance.


Application Rates (per 100m2):

120ml Kelpro (Monthly)

100-200ml UMX (Monthly)

250-500ml Hydrolink Retain (2-3 Monthly)

Mix together and apply with a hose on sprayer such as our 2L Calibrated Sprayer.

Water in with 4-6mm of irrigation immediately following application.

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