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Fertech Bio

Fertech Bio

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Analysis: 4-1-1 + Plant Growth Hormones

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A 100% natural, BFA Certified organic fertility and biostimulant blend ideal for improving plant health and resilience and promoting growth. Fertech Bio contains blended seaweed concentrate, fish emulsion, fulvic acid and plant hormones, and contains Triacontanol, a natural plant growth stimulant that enhances plant vigour and resilience.

Apply 400-800ml/100m2 with at least 8ltrs of water every 2-4 weeks, when as a soil drench on its own

Apply 200-400ml/100m2 with at least 8ltrs of water, as part as your monthly soil amendment program.

Can also be applied as foliar at 400-800ml/100m2 with 8 ltrs of water for a powerful growth stimulant in lower light situations.

Similar to Activ8mate

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