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Fertech Fusion

Fertech Fusion

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Analysis: 12 - 1 - 12 +2% Iron (Fe) +1% Manganese (Mn) +1% Zinc (Zn) +0.3% Molybdenum (Mo) +2% Fulvic Acid

Product Details:

A unique formulation that grew from a garden shed involving a lot of trial and error experimentations with aim to maintain warm season lawn during times of slow growth and dormancy. Originally mixed fresh into a spray tank, making a stable concentrate was not possible with the available resources however this mix worked very well.

Until recently this unique formulation was not a product to market due to its reactivity.  After sharing the results in a meeting, Lawn Addicts were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to take this formulation to the product development team where the Fertech range was born. Embracing this project the team were equally passionate and excited about making this formulation work as we were.  Many weeks of time was spent formulating, after countless failed trial samples and wasted production runs due to chemical reactions, we had success.

Fittingly the formulation was called “Fusion”

We now had a sample that was mixed with the right compounds, in the right sequence, producing a stable concentrate to release into the market.  Samples labelled “Confidential” were sent around the country for independent trials in different climates and grass varieties, returning outstanding results. Results including early preparation of Santa Ana turf wickets a month ahead of their normal schedule, rapid establishment of turf in cold conditions, excellent responses from Zoysia varieties in cooler regions where Zoysia typically doesn’t thrive, faster recovery from early turf renovations, faster recovery from low cut disease affected greens, faster recovery in frost damaged turf and the saving of a Sir Walter Buffalo lawn that was going to be replaced due to disease. Most trials were conducted across southern areas of Australia.

Fertech Fusion is a foliar liquid fertiliser specifically formulated to encourage and support cellular activity and development through nutritional and hormonal means.  Utilising a carefully formulated balance of vital macro and micro nutrients in a highly plant available form to maximise uptake in a semi dormant to dormant turf plant.  This is complemented with a unique blend organic and synthetic compounds that aid nutrient chelation and essential in enzyme production responsible for plant activity.  Fertech Fusion can be used year round when growth and recovery is required.

Designed specifically for lower light and times of minimal to no growth.  It is compatible and works well with Fertech Phosfighter and Fertech Kelpro for a complete dormancy foliar plan.

There will never be a substitute for warm soil and sunlight, Fusion is a respectable second.

Click here to visit the Lawn Addicts Australia Trials


Targeting the leaf, apply 200-500ml per 100m2 with 4-6ltrs of water.

Higher rates to be used on warm season grasses under dormancy and stress

Medium to low rates for regular maintenance warm season grasses

Lowest rates only when required for cool season grasses


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