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Fertech Phosfighter

Fertech Phosfighter

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Analysis: 0-13-25 + 11.5% Amino Acids

Product Details:

Highly plant available source of potassium and slowly available phosphorus in one formulation with the phosphonate based nutrient concentration possessing known plant health benefits. Enhanced with plant derived Amino Acids to further increase natural defence mechanisms with:

  1. Supporting photosynthesis
  2. Increased nutrient uptake
  3. Reduced stress-related issues
  4. Promoting plant hormones
  5. Improved microbial activity
  6. Providing organic nitrogen
  7. Increased calcium absorption

Apply 100-200ml/100m2 with at least 5ltrs of water every 2 to 4 weeks at times of or expected stress

Either applied as a foliar application or a soil drench

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