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Little Lawns

Little Lawns Maintenance

Little Lawns Maintenance

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Fertech Kelpro (Size)
Hydrolink Advance (Size)
2Spec Elevate (Size)

Everything you need to keep your lawn maintained during the growing season.

Bundle Contents:

  • 4kg 2Spec Elevate (23-1-10 +4% Fe) 250SGN (2.5mm prill size)
  • 1L Kelpro
  • 1L Hydrolink Advance

Elevate is the considered the best economical granular fertiliser on the market for use during spring and summer. Used by professionals all over the country, we compliment this with Kelpro, our powerful bio stimulant soil amendment and Hydrolink Advance, the market leader in soil penetrants and soil retention technologies.

 Application Rates

1.5-2.5 Kg per 100m2 of Elevate every 8 weeks

120ml/100m2 of Kelpro every 4 weeks

100-300ml/100m2 of Hydrolink Advance every 4 weeks

You can apply the granular fertilizer, mix the required amount of liquids together in a hose on sprayer, apply over the granular and then water the whole lot in with 4-8mm of irrigation. Repeat the liquids monthly.

This bundle will suit 200sqm for 2-3 months. 

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