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Little Lawns

Little Lawns Satisfaction

Little Lawns Satisfaction

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Fertech Special Fex (Size)
  • Bundle Contents:
  • 4 kg Elevate
  • 1L/2.5lt Special Fex
Product Details:

Satisfaction is the ideal bundle where you have a small lush lawn and its all about the colour, longer lawns like Buffalo, Kikuyu, Fescue and Rye use Elevate. Low cut lawns like couch, use Origin Mini.

Satisfaction will be sure to satisfy your need for green.  An ideal product for an ongoing maintenance program for spring and summer. Made up of a 4 kg bucket of 2 Spec Elevate 24-1-10 with plenty of iron in a slow release fertiliser, enough for 200m2.  Also including a 2.5 ltr Special Fex which is considered a market leader of the liquid Nitro Iron blend of fertilisers when a quick green response is wanted. Give your lawn the pop it deserves!

Blow or sweep all granular fertilisers off paths to avoid possible staining.

Suitable for smaller lawns up to 200sqm. Use of this bundle is best done with application of Elevate then watered in well with 4-6mm of Irrigation. Two weeks later, an application of Special Fex where it is left on the leaf. Four weeks after this, another application of the Special Fex, then two weeks later the granular application again.  This results in a rolling eight week granular program with an alternating monthly liquid program within i

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