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Little Lawns

Renovator's Delight

Renovator's Delight

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Fertech Kelpro (Size)
Hydrolink Advance (Size)

Bundle Contents:

  • 4 kg 2Spec Accelerate,

  • 1L/2.5L/5L Kelpro,

  • 1L/2.5L/5L Hydrolink Advance

Product Details:

Renovation Bundle is a perfect little bundle where you have done a renovation and hacked into a healthy lawn with thatch and needs that big push of nitrogen to get it going again before resuming your normal program. Accelerate is a punchy fertiliser with a high analysis of upfront Nitrogen to push cell division and leaf growth, some Phosphorous and Potassium to support the plant with this big push, then iron for colour. It comes with a concentrated Kelp extract with root growth hormones to stimulate root growth and repairs also a premium soil surfactant to penetrate and maintain even water distribution through your soil profile.

Suitable for a 200m2 application. Application is best done by spreading the granular product first, then mixing the Hydrolink Advance with the Kelpro, make the rest of the volume up with water and using a hose on applicator or a sprayer to apply. Immediately irrigate with 4-6mm of irrigation

Accelerate will last up to 6 weeks, continue monthly application of the liquids.

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