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Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade

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Fertech Bio (Size)
Fertech Kelpro (Size)
Fertech Phosfighter (Size)

Bundle Contents:

  • 2.5L/5L Bio 4-1-1 + Growth Promoters
  • 1L/2.5L Kelpro
  • 1L/2.5L Phosfighter. 0-13-25 + 11.5% Amino Acids

Product Details:

Struggling to maintain coverage or your lawn is thinning out? You can slow this process up! 

The Throwing Shade Bundle is about maintaining as much of your coverage and lawn health as possible through the shadier areas.

Including a discounted:

  • Fertech Bio containing blended seaweed concentrates, fish emulsions, fulvic acid and plant hormones including Triacontanol, a natural plant growth stimulant that enhances plant vigour and resilience in low light.
  • Kelpro a highly concentrated liquid KELP extract that contains 35% w/v Tasmanian Bull Kelp which provides a powerful combination of auxins, cytokinins, gibberellic acid and alginic acid plant growth hormones to stimulate root, shoot growth and improve root density
  • Phosfighter a highly plant available source of potassium and slowly available phosphorus in one formulation with the phosphonate based nutrient concentration possessing known plant health benefits. Enhanced with Amino Acids to further increase natural defence mechanisms.

Tank mixing instructions.

Ideally sprayed with a calibrated sprayer to 5 litres of water per 100m2

Half fill your tank with half of the required amount of water, per 100m2

Add 400ml of Fertech Bio

Add 120ml of Kelpro

Add 200ml of Phosfighter

Fill the remainder of the tank until it has the full amount of required water for the area.

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