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Little Lawns

Yock's Drop

Yock's Drop

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Fertech Special Fex (Size)
Fertech Kelpro (Size)
UMX Liquid (Humic & Fulvic) (Size)

Bundle Contents:

  • 2.5L/5L Special Fex
  • 1L/2.5L Kelpro
  • 1L/2.5L UMX


15-0-0 +6%Fe +2%Mn + Humic & Fulvic Acid + Kelpro and Amino Acids

Product Details:

Little Lawns pays homage to The Godfather, Ryan Yockins by offering the Yock's Drop bundle.

The story of Yock’s Drop comes from a time before Lawn Addicts was even a thing, when Ryan (aka Yock) was experimenting, trialling and formulating his own liquid fertilisers from raw ingredients.  Yocks Drop was formulated as a foliar application purely to produce the best colour possible out of his lawn, a special mix that actually works. This is not a substitute for a balanced fertiliser program, it complements it.  This version, similar to the original formulation with raw ingredients Ryan made, utilises the technology in the Fertech  range which makes the blending process easy and fun for the serious lawn enthusiast with rapid results.

Incorporating Special Fex which boasts one of the most plant available forms of Iron and Manganese in a citrate complex molecule which is rapidly absorbed into the plant with just enough nitrogen to activate the uptake and the response.  UMX Liquid is an extremely concentrate form of Humic Acid and, more importantly, in this situation Fulvic Acid, as a stimulant but also boosts the performance of the products applied with it to increase the uptake through improving the leaf permeability.  Finally the premium kelp product Kelpro.  Kelpro has one of the highest concentrations of plant growth hormones being rich in auxins, cytokinins, gibberellic acid and alginic acid plus added fish based amino acids.

Tank mixing instructions with this mix is important.

Ideally sprayed with a calibrated sprayer to 5 litres of water per 100m2

Half fill your tank with half of the required amount of water, per 100m2

Add 300ml of Special Fex

Add 120ml of Kelpro

Add PGR (Primo/Astro/Amigo) at this point if you want

Fill the remainder of the tank until it has almost the full amount of required water for the area

Add your surfactant, we use and recommend Holdfast at 5ml per 100m2.

Finally pre-dilute 100ml of UMX liquid in a jug of water, add to the tank and agitate/shake well.

You may see small particles form this is a reaction between the Iron and the UMX, they should be soft and sprayable.

Apply and watch and marvel at the transformation.

*** In some rare instances if you find the strainer struggles with the particles, you can add twice the amount of water and go over the area twice in adjacent directions. Alternatively use a bit less UMX in the mix or spray separately.

Application Rate

300ml of Special Fex, 120ml of Kelpro, 100ml of UMX Liquid Per 100m2

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