Which fertiliser is the best for Perth lawns?

Which fertiliser is the best for Perth lawns?

2Spec fertilisers are developed and blended in Australia, for Australian conditions. They all work well in Perth's sandy soil environment but have different macro and micro nutrients for different situations. Your turf's nutritional needs vary depending on many factors such as climate, growing conditions, seasonal changes, root condition, etc. So which product is most suitable to you?

2Spec Establish is a 15-10-10, of which 43% of the Nitrogen is a controlled release source. This product is suitable for rapid establishment of seed, stolons or new turf but can also be utilised at times of renovation on tired lawns with poor root structure.

2Spec Accelerate is 30-1-6 with a huge 5% Iron. It's high portion of upfront nitrogen makes it the ideal fertiliser for waking up turf from dormancy or for a quick response from renovations.

2Spec Elevate is a 23-1-10 with 40% stabilised nitrogen. It is our recommended maintenance fertiliser for use during the growing season on longer lawns and the added Iron and Magnesium offer excellent colour enhancement.

2Spec Origin is 27-1-10 with 42% controlled release nitrogen. It is a 150SGN (1.5mm) mini prill suitable for low cut or fine leaf turf varieties throughout the growing seasons. With 3% Iron and 2% Magnesium, it will provide outstanding colour.

2Spec Sustain is 30-1-5 with 82% of the nitrogen source being controlled release. It is ideal where frequent applications aren't possible and offers the lowest burn potential out of the 2Spec range meaning immediate irrigation following application isn't 100% necessary.

2Spec Endurance is 20-0-20 and is the ideal cool season fertiliser to strengthen your lawn prior to the stresses of winter.

2Spec Komplex is also 20-0-20 but in a smaller 150SGN mini prill size making it ideal for low cut turf.

The 2Spec Fertiliser Calendar is a useful guide for when products are most likely to be recommended throughout the course of the year.

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