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2Spec Origin Mini

2Spec Origin Mini

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Analysis: 27% N, 1% P, 10% K, 2.6% S, 3% Fe, 2% Mn (CRN: 42%)

SGN150 (1.5mm)

Product Details:

A new addition to the 2Spec range, 2Spec Mini 27-1-10 is a premium sportsturf fertiliser blend combining the critical nutrients required for everyday turfgrass growth in a smaller granule fertiliser. The small granule size of 2Spec Mini 27-1-10 results in even nutrient distribution and incorporation into the turfgrass canopy, reducing losses to mower pickup and ensuring surface performance.

Spread 2-2.5kg/100m2, try to apply to dry lawn.

Irrigate immediately with 4-6mm of water.

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