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Hydrolink Gran Plus

Hydrolink Gran Plus

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Analysis: 15% Oxyethylene-Oxypropylene Block Co-Polymer, 5% Kelp Concentrate

Product Details:

Hydrolink Gran Plus is a unique combination of Zeolite and a premium co-block formula soil wetter for treatment and prevention of hydrophobic soils.  It’s designed to be applied prior to times of high moisture stress and also as a curative treatment.  Having a miniprill size of SGN150 or 1.5mm makes it perfect for fine cut turf.  Containing 5% Kelp Concentrate similar to Hydrolink Advance and only requiring 3-6mm of irrigation makes an excellent product to add to a monthly program

Spread 1.5-2.5kg/100m2 with at least 4lts of water monthly or as needed

Wash in with 3-6 mm of rainfall or irrigation to activate.

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