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Little Lawns

Little Lawns Establishment

Little Lawns Establishment

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Fertech Kelpro (Size)
Hydrolink Advance (Size)

Everything you need to get your new lawn off to the best start in life!

Bundle Contents:

  • 4kg 2Spec Establish
  • 1L/2.5L Kelpro
  • 1L/2.5L/5L Hydrolink Advance


Application Rates per 100m2:

1.5-2.5kg 2Spec Establish

120ml Kelpro

100-300ml Hydrolink


Application is best done by spreading the granular fertilizer, mixing the Kelpro and Hydrolink Advance together in a hose on sprayer and applying over the top. Water in with 4-6mm of irrigation. Repeat the liquids every 4 weeks. Alternatively liquids can be applied fortnightly at half rate while the turf establishes.

2Spec Establish will last approx 8-10 weeks.

For the ultimate in turf establishment, combine with Fertech Stimulus

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