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Noculate Liquid

Noculate Liquid

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Analysis: Beneficial Bacteria

Product Details:

Noculate Liquid is proprietary blended biological product containing 24 strains of beneficial soil microorganisms, humic acid, kelp, essential amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and natural sugars. Compatible tank mix companion with fertilisers and other products for ease of application to regularly apply beneficial microbes to your soil, resulting in healthier growing turf/plant.

The strength of the formulation comes from the diversity of the microbial species and strains present in the product. Each species is individually grown under sterile laboratory conditions and varying pH regimes before being combined into the final product. Noculate Liquid is suitable for soil and/or foliar application.

150-200ml/100m2 with at least 4ltrs of water
Foliar or drench spray all throughout the year approx. 6-8 week intervals

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