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Winter Prep Mini

Winter Prep Mini

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Fertech Phosfighter (Size)

All the essentials to get your lawn winter ready.

Bundle Contents:

  • 4kg of 2Spec Komplex 150SGN Mini Prill 
  • 2.5L/5L Fertech Phosfighter


Application Rate:

2 Kg per 100m2 of Komplex per 100m2

Applied every 8-12 weeks ( We do not recommend applying granular fertilisers during dormancy)

100-200ml of Fertech Phosfighter applied every 2-4 weeks (let dry on leaf)

Suitable for up to 200sqm.  Use of this bundle is best done with application of the granular product then watered in well with 4-6mm of irrigation. Two weeks later, apply Phosfighter and ideally Kelpro where it is left on the leaf. After 4 weeks, repeat the liquid application then after a further two weeks, the granular application. This results in a rolling eight week granular program with an alternating monthly liquid program within it.

Kelpro is a great addition to this bundle.

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